Hardwood Floor Colors

Our Stain Selection Process

Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of our neighbors, in Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County, choose the best stain color for their hardwood floors. The process we use is much appreciated by many of our client to get the perfect floor coloring.Hardwood Foor Colors

The most ideal way to determine the best stain color for your floors, is to choose the shade style you wish to have and place the color on the floor to see it with your own eyes.  Yes, color samples and color charts may give you a general idea of the color, nothing can compare to seeing the genuine color on your floors next to your home furnishings.

How we do this:

We choose the shade and the color you feel will look best from the samples we bring in the selection process.

When we begin your project. We prepare a small section of your floor, large enough to place a few staining options. Place three to four hardwood floor color choices on the area. As the area dries, you will have a definitive view of how the rest will turn out when complete.

We’ll have the color stains in our truck, several times a homeowner will change their mind once they see the color options on their floor and compare it to the contrast of the room.

35 years in business and thousands of projects later. We can confidently say, you’re in good hands with us!